February 2010 Newsletter
Dear Global Citizen and Friend, February has been fantastic for 4 Oneworld as things are progressing in Kibooba.  
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  • Kibooba: A community making a difference
  • Empowerment through computer literacy
  • On the ground in Uganda by Tara McKinney

Supporting the Children of Kibooba

Local Council Leader, Harriet Nansikombi, has lived in Kibooba for over forty years.  It is because of her kindness and the compassion of the community that the establishment of the Kibooba Primary School was possible. Land is very precious in Africa, but, in 2000 Harriet donated nearly two acres of property so that the community could build the school.  
Once again, Harriet has donated more land to benefit the children of Kibooba. She has agreed to lease another two acres for the school garden! Kibooba Primary School Director, Joel Gabula Ibanda has begun clearing the land and expects to be planting seeds within the month. The first crops will be beans and maize. With such a large area of land being cultivated Joel is hoping that the harvest will yield enough both to feed the children and to generate some income for the school. 
Harriet is not the only individual who has contributed to help the children of Kibooba. Joel volunteers his time as the Director of the school and is the primary coordinator  of the 4 Oneworld projects. 
4 Oneword greatly appreciates all of their friends in Uganda who have generously given of their energy and assets to empower the children of Kibooba. 
Thank you, Harriet and Joel.



Empowerment through Computer Literacy
The St. Kizito computer literacy project has achieved yet another great accomplishment. In addition to their 2009 UNESCO award for one of the best computer programs in Uganda, St. Kizito senior class students just received the results of their 2009 national exams. Nearly all the students passed and the majority received above average scores!
They were the pioneers of the 4 Oneworld computer literacy project which began in 2006. 
Thank you, to computer teacher, Denis Mwa for his dedication and commitment to providing quality education to the St. Kizito students.

On the ground in Uganda by Tara McKinney
The purpose for this trip is to research and create an income generating project proposal to provide sustainability for the Kibooba Primary School. My Western mentality wants everything done yesterday as I am narrowly focused on the end goal. I wish I could just snap my fingers and create change instantly.
The people of Uganda have taught me that I need to be more patient. They are patient, so why can’t I be patient? Fortunately, I have many people supporting and encouraging me. Joel is one of them; he inspires me with his words of wisdom, “We are moving somewhere.”  Joel provides me with the perspective I need to enjoy the small triumphs that lead us closer to finding the right path to successfully bring income to the school and the community. 
I am grateful to all of my loved ones in the United States, Australia, Uganda and throughout the world who have given me the strength to continue with this work. Thank you for believing in me. 
For the latest and greatest about my experiences in Uganda, check out www.4oneworlduganda.blogspot.com

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Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

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