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  2012 Quarter 1 Newsletter
Dear Global Citizen and Friend,
2011 was a year filled with success, as 4 Oneworld embarked on a new income generating project in Kibooba. Read on to learn more about Kibooba,4 Oneworld, and what is in store for 2012.
  • Kibooba in Review
  • 4 Oneworld 2011 Success
  • New 4 Oneworld President

Kibooba In Action
2011 was a huge year for Kibooba with the commencement of 4 Oneworld's first income generating project, the Cow Project. The goal is for the cows' milk to fund one teacher's salary and pay for the Cow Project operating expenses.

In late October the first cow went into labor. Sadly, the calf died during birth and the mother narrowly escaped death.  She managed to recover and has been producing milk. The second cow gave birth in mid November, and thankfully both mother and calf are doing well. The milk production of the second calf is currently lower than expected, but the milk sales from both should reach nearly $200 per month. The cows are managing to pay for their operating expenses, but only time will tell if the milk will in fact fund a teacher.

The garden project is moving along steadily in its 5th season. This time Kibooba was advised by the Makerere University Agriculture Doctors to plant vegetables in addition to the maize.  Petra, the
4 Oneworld Project Manager  has reported the rains have been favorable, and the recent crop seems to be doing well. All harvests have been utilized for the school lunch program for the students.

The end of the school year was celebrated in Kibooba with a party for the students, parents and community. Games were played, and food and drink were enjoyed by everyone.  Despite various challenges  it was a nice end to the year in Kibooba. 










4 Oneworld 2011 Success

Contributions Received: $22K!!
Aid to Kibooba Primary School: $6,284
Aid to St. Kizito Secondary School: $6,680

Thank you to all donors, big and small who helped
4 Oneworld achieve success.  A special thank you to Yoga Aid for your continued support-nearly $5K  will improve the quality education for disadvantaged children in Uganda.

4 Oneworld's 2011 990 tax return will be available online later this year for you to view all of the financial details.

The 4 Oneworld Board of Directors
4 Oneworld is thrilled to announce the new President of 4 Oneworld, effective January 1, 2012. For the first time in the history of 4 Oneworld a female will take on the leadership role as President.  Loyal 4 Oneworld Board member and volunteer, Liz Semaan will serve as President. Adam Stubbs is Vice-President,  Shannon McMorrow is the Treasurer and Melissa Montague is the Secretary. Board members, Bob Lakey, Andrew Bruex and Tara Stubbs are also continuing their commitment to 4 Oneworld.

4 Oneworld is honored to have Liz Semaan as the President and thankful for her support.










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