October 2009 Newsletter

Dear Global Citizen and Friend, Thank you for your continued support and making our Annual Fund-raiser a HUGE SUCCESS!
  • THANK YOU, Kalamazoo for donating $15,000 to the 4 Oneworld Kibooba Primary School Project
  • Four minutes of fame for 4 Oneworld
  • Uganda Food Crisis
  • Thank you, Mimi Nevala

  • Thank you, Kalamazoo for the 4 Oneworld Fund-raiser Success!
    The September 24th live music fund-raiser raised $15K for the Kibooba Primary School Project! The event was held at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts with generous donations of music by Drop 35, belly dancing by the West Michigan School of Middle Eastern Dance and delicious food catered by Asiago’s Bakery and Deli. The silent auction was a shop-a-holic’s dream with over 200 items of local and African artwork.

    The funds raised will go towards the 2 year aid plan for the
    Kibooba Primary School. The plan involves funding the following:

    •    7 teachers’ salaries
    •    Completion and securing of the school
    •    Desks, chairs and a variety of learning aids

    4 Oneworld has been funding the teachers since June and will continue funding through 2011. With fund-raiser donations, the next plans are to secure the school property with a fence. The goal is to start building the fence in November. More updates will in the next issue of Grassroots.

    Visit www.pictage.com/731797 to view photos by Ashley Ampersee from the event.

    Thank you to everyone that contributed to
    the 4 Oneworld Fund-raiser!
    Asiago’s Bakery & Deli
    Drop 35
    Andrew Bruex
    Food Dance
    Universal Formulas
    Food Affair
    Yoga Aid-Clive & Eriko
    Joette Sawall-West Michigan
    School of Middle Eastern Dance

    Frea Wolfe, Robyn Glownia and Christ Taylor
    Amie & Al Heasley
    Flowers by MaryAnn Kudary
    Michael Story Films
    Mimi & Denny Nevala
    The Sign Shop
    All Artists and Volunteers
    Special Thank you to
    Liz Semaan, event coordinator extraordinaire!
    LOVE to ALL!




    Uganda Food Crisis

    “Erratic weather, which has brought floods and drought, and rising food prices are taking a devastating toll on east Africa. Last month, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said nearly 20 million people were now dependent on food aid in the region,” as reported by the UK newspaper, the Guardian.

    All African Global Media has stated, "Since May, some people in areas of Uganda are experiencing famine and even starvation."

    Joel Ibanda, the Kibooba School Director and Elizabeth Odyek, headmistress of the St. Kizito Secondary school have informed 4 Oneworld that maize prices have nearly doubled and other crops have drastically increased in price. Ugandans have been struggling in recent months to afford food.

    The food shortage has now put Kibooba in a state of emergency. The village can no longer afford the rising food prices for the students’ daily lunches. 4 Oneworld has promptly responded to the issue by sending funds to cover the school lunches. The 4 Oneworld plan involves paying for school lunches for upcoming months until Kibooba’s poultry business becomes profitable. While the poultry business grows, 4 Oneworld will also fund a garden project.  The garden project will allow the school to grow much of their own food. Stay tuned for progress updates on the garden and the food crisis.

    $7 per day=lunch for 110 students and 7 teachers. Please help feed Kibooba. Donate now at www.4oneworld.org


    Thank you, Mimi
    4 Oneworld Board Member, Mimi Nevala recently completed her term of service. She served from 2006-2009 and was one of the pioneering board members to help get 4 Oneworld running. Mimi was co-chair for the education committee and Vice President in her final year.

    Executive Director, Tara McKinney commented, “Mimi’s commitment and enthusiasm are unparalleled and we are thankful that she was with us for this long.”
    4 Oneworld President, Adam Stubbs said, “Mimi has brought invaluable insight and experience as an educator and humanitarian to 4 Oneworld as one of our first board members.  Mimi's efforts
    and ideas helped spread the message of 4 Oneworld to the youth of our community and her service will be greatly missed.”

    Thank you for your generosity, Mimi.

    Four Minutes of Fame for 4 Oneworld
    Thank you, WWMT News 3 and Jeff Varner for the fantastic story about 4 Oneworld!
    Visit www.4oneworld.org and scroll down on the homepage to see the footage.




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    Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

    Margaret Mead

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