September 2010 Newsletter   

Dear Global Citizen and Friend, The fundraiser is just 2 days away! Check out all of the wonderful 4 Oneworld news as we prepare to celebrate the abundance 4 Oneworld has received this month.
  • 4 Oneworld Fundraiser: Be there or be square
  • Kibooba Project Updates
  • Thank you, Yoga Aid
Q: What are you doing on Thursday night?
A: Attending the 4 Oneworld Live Music Fundraiser!

There’s still time to buy your fundraiser ticket online!
4 Oneworld hopes you will join us this Thursday, September 30th at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. The local band, Funktion will be providing music for the evening and Asiago’s Bakery and Deli will be catering the event. The doors open at 5:30 with a fantastic silent auction of local and African artwork.

4 Oneworld needs your support! Please help 4 Oneworld help the children of Kibooba with your ticket purchase to the fundraiser.  You can buy tickets online at www.4oneworld.org If you are unable to attend,
4 Oneworld would still greatly appreciate your help. If each person on this email list donated $20 not only would the Kibooba teachers’ salaries would be paid for years but the school would have desks and chairs and learning supplies!  A little bit goes a long way in Uganda. Please help
4 Oneworld make a difference today!

WOTV 8 reporter, Jordan Carson will be attending the fundraiser. In case you missed her promoting 4 Oneworld check out the WOTV8 show eightWest interview at http://www.youtube.com/4oneworld#p/u/5/BN73pDwsndE
To view Jordan’s web story visit http://www.wotv.com/dpp/face_of_4/entertainment/%224-one-world%22-giving-back-to-our-world

See you on Thursday!




Kibooba Updates
The last few months have been a telling time for the Kibooba projects. The garden project is progressing. After a bountiful harvest in July the children have been consuming the maize. It is ground up and made into porridge to feed approximately 100 children.

There was a yield of 700 kilos with an expected rate of consumption between 8-10 kilos per day. This means one harvest will last an entire term! SUCCESS for 4 Oneworld and Kibooba!

The maize and, also, beans were planted in August for the next harvest. During the last week of September the dedicated ladies from the women’s group will be weeding the garden. Let us all hope for rain in upcoming months to ensure another decent harvest.

The poultry project recently came to an end. After months of close monitoring it was determined that the villagers were unable to properly manage the poultry. There are a number of contributing factors; these include the health of the chickens, excess egg loss, inadequate feed, employee issues and possible theft. Makerere University Professor, Dr. Connie Kyarisiima advised the chickens be sold as broilers once they had consumed the latest allotment of feed. 
4 Oneworld is thankful for the learning experience with the poultry project. Director, Tara McKinney remarked, “It has opened our eyes to the way things work in Kibooba, and what 4 Oneworld needs to do to help future sustainability projects succeed in the village.”

4 Oneworld will be taking their time to decide on the next income generating project.  With the support of the Makerere University Department of Agriculture and the hard work of the citizens of Kibooba , 4 Oneworld will continue its commitment to develop projects to support ongoing education for the children of Kibooba.




Thank you, Yoga Aid

Yoga Aid raises funds for disadvantaged communities throughout the world. The  Yoga Challenge is a two hour intensive yoga practice of completing 108 sun salutations to raise money for designated non profit organizations. A sun salutation is a series of yoga postures preformed in a single graceful sequence. 4 Oneworld is thankful to be one of Yoga Aid’s charity recipients.

The USA Yoga Aid Challenge was held September 18th and 19th in cities throughout the United States and raised $90K for the Yoga Aid charities. 4 Oneworld is very grateful for the generosity of yogis who raised $7,000 for 4 Oneworld!

4 Oneworld President, Adam Stubbs said, “4 Oneworld is blessed to have the continued support of Yoga Aid and incredibly appreciative for their impact on 4 Oneworld projects.  Thank you, Yoga Aid for making a difference in the world, and for being 4 Oneworld’s largest donor.”

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